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Puteti ajuta la buna desfasurare a activitatilor Asociatiei Iubim Natura prin urmatoarele metode:

You can help Iubim Natura Association in performing its activities and projects  in the following ways:


1. Directionarea celor 2% din impozitul pe care fiecare salariat il vireaza catre stat. Aici gasiti formularul care trebuie completat si depus la sectia financiara din orasul in care aveti domiciliul. Puteti depune formularul doar pana pe 25 mai, anul curent. Va rugam sa ne contactati pentru mai multe detalii.

1. Re-directing 2% of the taxes which are retained by the state for each employee. You can find here the form which you need to fill in and take at the Finance Administration in the city where you reside. You can fill in this form only up to the 25th May of each year. Please contact for further details.


doi la suta 2015

2. Doar pentru firmele care au inregistrat profit in anul precedent. In momentul in care contabilitatea firmei va depune bilantul anual se poate directiona 20% din profit sau cinci la mie din cifra de afaceri, care suma este mai mica, catre o entitate non-profit.

2. Only the firms which had a profit in a previous year can re-direct 20% of the tax on profit (or 5/1000  when they finalize the annual balance sheet) towards a non-profit entity.


3. Direct in contul nostru: RO78RNCB0026092667930001, deschis la BCR.

3. Directly in our account: RO78RNCB0026092667930001, opened at BCR.


4. Prin pe adresa de e-mail

4. Through  on the e-mail address


5. Donatii in materiale: harlete, saci menajeri, manusi, etc. care pot fi folosite in activitatile specifice ONG-ului nostru.

5. Donations in materials: hoes or shovels, garbage bags, protective gloves, etc. which can be used in the activities performed by our NGO.


6. Inscriere ca voluntari sau membri in cadrul Asociatiei noastre.

6. Registering as members or volunteers in our Association


Pentru orice metode de ajutor ati alege va rugam sa ne contactati.

Please contact us for any manner of helping us that you may choose!


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